About Us

We’re a “one-stop surface solutions company” offering a comprehensive range of advanced Decking and Cladding products and services for multiple industries and applications.


Exterior cladding installation adds a warm, natural look and feels to any building. Choose natural, factory-primed, or ready-finished and painted panels in any tone. Priming prolongs durability and helps protect the panels from sunlight and moisture while providing an ideal surface for any top paint coat.

Interior cladding and wall panels bring warmth and comfort to any interior space. Perfect for softening a more industrial design and providing a unique character. Our wood interior cladding panels come uncoated or ready to finish with wax or varnish. A popular treatment is a white wax varnish with water-based pigment content, which lets you leave the wood grains visible.

Timber walls and flooring balance indoor humidity and provide natural sound insulation with a touch of natural elegance. Crafted from sustainable sources, our sound-knotted pine and spruce feature a range of spectacular grain details that can be cut in any dimension.

Our Product Range

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