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Are You Looking for Second to None Internal Wall Cladding to Use for Your Next Project?

If you are looking for one of the top names in interior cladding suppliers, your search ends at sndtrade. As Australia’s one of the leading interior wall cladding suppliers, they are extensively tested by CSIRO. Certified free of asbestos and harmful chemicals, sndtrade cladding is perfectly reliable for pvc exterior wall cladding. It offers fire and water-resistant, termite-proof solutions for pvc exterior wall panels. The cost-effective pvc internal cladding products from Sndtrade also offer a very easy installation process. The interior pvc wall cladding is a great alternative to the many layers of plasterboard otherwise used both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Sndtrade offers nice acoustic insulation, is mold-free and safe for health, and is appropriate for moist and bushfire-prone areas. It is composed of sturdy materials like magnesium oxide and fiber mesh composites, is lightweight, and is easy to install. Our product is 100% recyclable and emits 95% less CO2 than similar ones.

PS Foam Wall Cladding

Polystyrene foam is used to make PS foam wall cladding, a high-end wall covering. It is a cheap, lightweight solution to enhance a building’s aesthetics and insulation. Usually mounted on a building’s walls and ceilings, the PS foam panels can be treated with a variety of coatings or textures to produce a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface. PS foam wall cladding comes in a range of options to offer a variety of styles and appearances.

It should be remembered that PS foam wall cladding might need more frequent upkeep and replacement.

PVC Wall Cladding

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a polymeric material that is used to create indoor wall coverings like pvc internal cladding, also known as uPVC cladding. As an alternative to traditional materials like wood, brick, and stone, it is used to make the constructions have a modern and strong appearance.

PVC internal wall cladding is available in a range of options such as shiplap and tongue and groove. It also has a number of colours textures. It is a well-liked alternative for both residential and commercial structures due to its lightweight, ease of installation, and low maintenance requirements. Bathrooms and kitchens are often damp spaces, so pvc exterior wall panels as well as pvc internal cladding is a smart choice because of its resistance to pests, moisture, and decay.

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  • - Joe Watson

    I recently purchased decking and cladding products from your company, and I must say, I’m impressed with the quality of the products. The decking and cladding materials are made of sturdy and durable materials, which have held up well in the harsh Australian climate.

    Moreover, the pricing of your products is very reasonable, especially when compared to other suppliers in the market. I appreciate that you offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality, which is a rare find these days.

  • - Eric Lee

    Very good quality product. Good price and service. delivery on time. I have their claddings and decking as on photo. It looks natural.


Your Questions Answered

What are PVC wall panels used for?
As the name suggests, PVC wall panels are used for covering walls and ceilings. It can be for both decoration as well as for durability. They are most commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture-prone areas given their water-resistant properties.
Are PVC wall panels any good?
PVC wall panels are durable, easy to install, and need pretty low maintenance. They are also waterproof and resistant to mold which is why it is a practical choice for various applications. With all these qualities, PVCs are the new choice for property owners.
Is PVC wall cladding better than tiles?
PVC wall cladding can be better than tiles for some applications because they do not need much skill in installation. Low maintenance and high durability are other features that make PVCs a favourite. However, tiles offer a more traditional look and can be more durable in certain conditions.
Is PVC wall cladding waterproof?
Yes, PVC wall cladding is waterproof and thus can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas which are exposed to moisture.
Can I use PVC wall panels in a shower?
PVC wall panels are perfect for using in showers. They have waterproof properties, easy to clean, and resistant to mold and mildew. This is why they can be used in any wet environment.

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